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Opera House covers an area fifa coins trader of 3.442 hectares, total floor area of 20671 square meters, the appearance of 110 meters long and 70 meters wide, surface buildings, 6 floors, 1 underground floor, seats 1800. In February 2009, Chinese President Hu Jintao for the building Foundation. During construction, President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal 6 times to visit. You know, Raul is free to join Real Madrid, but the confidential report also notes that, when Real Madrid players suffered minor injuries, the insurance company would pay. To get insurance money, Real Madrid players sidelined period must be at least one month. Marcelo last season in Brazil fracture injuries while training, was in addition to the insurance company to pay a sum of money, FIFA also lost 1.25 million euros to Real Buy the cheapest fifa 15 coins from the best fifa coins! Madrid for compensation against the former Galaxy star who retired Real Madrid insured risks. Eventually, Messi delivered, supermajority to win 2012 FIFA Golden Ball award. Messi won 41.6% votes of the integral, and the other two candidates Portugal footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and Spaniards Andres Iniesta gets points 23.68% and 10.91% votes, respectively. 25 years old Macy's become the only player to have won the title of best in the world for four consecutive years, also he created the world history of football that night, Messi picked "Golden Globes" trophy and said, cannot imagine that this is true, he can hardly find words to describe the fourth best player awards.