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18:30 on November 16, buy fifa 15 coins in Beijing China Center Office Tower, dressed in FIFA's commercial representative in China, Zhu Xiaodong, Chairman of Euro sports consultancy in Beijing, arrived in front of reporters. May be away from home too long, Shanghai Zhu Xiaodong's accent is no Sino-Japanese, Sino-Korean, or exchanges between South Korea and Japan, used to be one, football officials in Japan and South Korea have never communicated together. On February 1, 2001, in Tokyo, three football officials history Shang first times sat to has together Zhu Xiaodong told reporter, that once, in the Super Committee Secretary-General Lang Xiaonong in Conference Shang introduced has China of as time goes on, 8 years Hou of today, that gorgeous of sponsored Crown name, the provides, are reference has Premier, and Serie a, and Japan, mature League mode, is a very perfect of football events planning, if can effective Executive, China football certainly not today this looks. "The greatest beneficiaries of this year's World Cup is not South Africa, FIFA is the biggest winners," while the World Cup is not over yet, but United Kingdom ground floor the Economist magazine has been so emphatic conclusion. In order to protect this cash cow of the World Cup, FIFA decided to take the "Golden way" policy, is to use money to "smash"-World Cup bonus per cent increase compared with the previous 60%, Total bonus number reached 420 million dollars; to guarantee 32 support team of preparing for smooth for, in World Cup began Qian half months, FIFA also will 1 million dollars ahead of scored States FA account; addition, FIFA unprecedented to first on Club for players compensation, total compensation amount will reached 40 million dollars; for ensure all facilities can completely equipped with good, FIFA increased allocated has 100 million dollars to South Africa...... Predictably, FIFA-the effort Germany World Cup will increase a lot, however, must not think that FIFA was "losing money earned", in fact, so generous are the driving forces that they understand "reluctant to let their children to set the Wolf." World Cup television rights and marketing rights are vested in the hands of FIFA, which is the World Cup's major gains.