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buy fut coins No what than a champion more can incentive Germany football new of golden age, Bundesliga team continuous 4th a season entered Champions League four strong, team also in 2010 World Cup and 2012 European Cup playing into four strong, this once without again font champion will from hand in slip this is Champion Cup restructuring for champion League Hou 21st session finals, two support Germany team first realignment, is following La Liga (2000), and Serie a (2003), and Premier (2008) de than Hou, 4th with Derby in the final game of the Champions League semi-final against Spanish duo stormed two teams converge on the edge, tactics sound, highlights but not absent. Is a two-team goalkeeper in the first half of the show, weidengfeileli denied manzhujiqi header Neuer half time made 5 saves for the first time this season. Offside Robben against assists manzhuji snap of the second half after scoring, Royce made a penalty kick by Gundogan levelled. Gertze high refuse to fight due to injury in the stands cheering for Dortmund's goal, although he has identified a move to Bayern Munich, was Dott twins missing this piece, to tilt the scales of victory in the last minute. The 89thMinutes, ribery assists, claiming many people predicted before the game that he will score the winning goal Robben really completed the game-winning decisive "Raberg mix" is not German, winner of the winner was Germany, debut half players of Germany players, covering most of Joachim Löw's team starting lineup. Match point is what this group of players we need to break through the beast. Last year's Champions League, Bayern's defeat on penalty kicks to Schweinsteiger, who suffered a lot of criticism. In Brazil before the World Cup Windows pierce the sheet, is Germany young people gain the most precious wealth of Germany team Bayern again in Europe after the 2001 Championship top 12 sleeping in the Middle, bounce experience is also praised for its world. Two teams in the Champions League final Squad (including injury time), a total of 40 people, of whom 33 were Germany's Academy background (21 years ago in Germany trained), as much as 82.5%, pure Germany youth (under 18 years of age) there were 26 people, up to 65%. Boom in crash mode in pursuit of the modern clubs, Germany football party politics going back to the sweet.