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Look up brightly GW2 gold made 1000 ball cap before customs clearance were detained by Customs officers at the airport. Journalist yesterday learned from the Beijing customs, the original 1000 hats are violations of the 2014 Brazil World Cup football matches identify intellectual property rights infringing goods, and this is the first time the Beijing customs uncovered violations of Brazil's World Cup yesterday identified intellectual property rights cases, reporters at the Beijing Capital International Airport's Customs cargo examination area saw the 1000 Pirate hat. Black Hat, and is the first to come into view "uncap" letters, nothing to do with the World Cup. But underneath the letters are marked Brazil's World Cup round logo, above the ring stamped "FIFA WORLD CUP"(FIFA World Cup), Center is a Brazil flag designs then, Beijing customs mmoinbox officials at the General Administration of customs intellectual property rights record library, found the relevant rights holders in this case: FIFA. Through the identification of each other, confirm the hats were indeed violations of Brazil's World Cup identified intellectual property rights "in accordance with the procedure, we have to suspend the customs clearance of the goods and temporarily detaining goods, the next step will be transferred to the relevant departments. "Beijing customs related head introduced, for better provides intellectual property customs protection service, the sector currently has variable passive investigation tort case for active of protection intellectual property, active strengthened and international well-known right people enterprise, and China foreign investment enterprise, and quality brand protection Committee and related industry of cooperation according to understanding, customs sector processing tort goods has following several way: first is for public enterprise; second is right people has wishes acquisition of can acquisition; third is can elimination tort features of can for auction Four is unable to meet the three conditions above, customs to be destroyed. Past Beijing customs with the consent of the right holder's consent, had asked the Beijing Municipal Red Cross Society has donated more than 1000 pairs of sneakers were investigated for infringement in order to public welfare undertakings.