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On April 25, fifa ultimate team coins on SINA weibo, a hot topic on the list, ranked in the top ten of the "the World Cup is to go to Brazil," real-time micro-blogging topics for more than 100,000 pieces, becomes a tourist hot this season. topic. And the initiator of the conversation is easy to travel around the Twitter official accounts are based on dark horse's position, become part of Brazil's World Cup winners in activities as a SINA Netizen says, it's a feast of world football, men of war, the women's revolution. The 2014 Brazil World Cup approaching, fans around the world are active in the countdown. Many brands marketing to the concentrated force of the World Cup stage. But this time, HNA tourism easy emergence of travel, have raised for taking advantage of marketing model and the effect of the World Cup to start fresh and easy to travel around for HNA tourism group tries their best to build the new travel App,In the highly competitive localization in OTA market directly around the fast-growing consumer market, provides users with getting around scenic spots, hotels, food, complete chain of one-stop shopping experience, providing users with "went away" possibilities. It is worth mentioning that, easy to travel around the App audio guides can be achieved with a 720-degree panoramic maps, users can use the software in the area looking for a bathroom, even find parking, instantly defuse the unfamiliar environment brings to the traveler's sense of distance. One-stop mobile booking payment platform to maximize meet user demand for the use of more than 10 days time, HNA tourism group by virtue of low costs and high efficiency of the World Cup perfectly easy travel around the App listed the promotion of activities, completing a turn for new software to the top APP, and rarely scored a large number of users a sense of closeness. HNA is easy to travel around the World Cup thanks to innovative pattern of marketing it is understood that the World Cup Tour Prize worth 100,000 yuan. Soccer has become the number one sport in the world today, naming influence even for the World Cup and the Olympic Games are a global feast.