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Brazil World Cup because buy fifa coins xbox these days to watch a couple of games in a row, night, natural tired during the day, one in the morning when they yawn. I don't like people who stay up late, this World Cup can still, at three o'clock in the morning of the game, at six in the morning of the match. Effort can still be seen at this hour of the game for the World Cup for the first time impression of 90-Italy World Cup, was in high school, several of my classmates were genuine fans, in the middle of watching their listless the next day. Listen to what they say is enraptured, and read me is without distractions. Indeed, in the environment of high school that year, watching the students are the absolute minority, the vast majority of students or to watch TV without conditions, is willing to line 2.1, in the classroom, dorm study is 94 years later, United States World Cup. Have gone to College, I go to, there is absolutely no like others the night sleeping out. Because I can't stay up late, watched students who sleep by day and night I am always surprised to see. But that tournament in Korea and Germany really memories of the game. Old Germany team finally realizes her physically, and Korea's gaps. Thus also soberly to a four-year cycle, no matter how well they did four years ago, also relies on four years later, relying on veteran it must last no. Argentina, Germany, 98 years later France win 06 Italy win, rely primarily on a group of veteran after four years in France and Italy in 02, 10 but the team did not qualify. Therefore, as a rule, this year Spain probably can never go too far. They said trickFresh taste all day. Can't eat for four years? At that time in the army, I don't want to stay up. But I watched the finals, Ronaldo later said his coma before the game. Estimate if not his intention, it must have been calculated. This perfect Zinedine Zidane the 2002 World Cup is far from recent time in China, is geographically close to the second, China has also considered entering the World Cup finals.