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China's Asian ranking fifa ultimate team coins drops to 13th place in the Asian context, participation in Brazil's four World Cup Asian Football Confederation Member States collectively poor results of the team, a total of only 3-9 record, without a race victory, no significant upward trend in the world ranking, all the Asian teams ranked in the top 40. Japan placed 45th in the world team by 604, back at the top of the Asian number one spot. Iran team in cede Asia first zhihou, to 563 points row in world 49th bit, and Asia 2nd bit, Uzbekistan (523 points), and Korea (501 points), and Jordan (500 points), and U.A.E. (466 points), and Oman (443 points), and Australia (397 points), and Saudi Arabia (384 points) and Palestinian (362 points) respectively row in Asia 3rd bit to 10th bit. This is one of soccer's laws, but also many other countries and regions with great enthusiasm to host the World Cup in view of the important reasons the World Cup can bring a good economic benefit, FIFA controlled anything operating principle is to seek the maximum benefits, taking into account the different continents host the World Cup when the interests, welfare distribution and balance of interests, and FIFA's order. In the last World Cup in South Korea and Japan, South Korea and Japan both teams completely broke the European football's "monopoly" dominance and, to some extent, this is FIFA's internal divisions have manipulated the stakeholders reflected. For Europe, the traditional powers, since the last World Cup was broken "rules", "order", then the tournament held in Europe, and this, of course, is that they fight for the "chaos" of the golden opportunity.